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a software development company, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.
Phone: (403) 366-8884
Cell: (403) 803-4367
Citizenship: Canadian, Australian
Career Objectives:
I am currently looking for a contract position as a project manager. I have 22 years experience in IT. I have 8.5 years experience in project management, focusing on combined project management and technical team leadership roles in highly technical development projects. I have experience with both Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies. I am currently contracting at Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) working as a Project Manager on the Scheduled Railway Program – VISTA Project. My roles have included project manager, team lead, lead analyst and analyst/programmer.
Key Strengths:
  • The ability to manage medium to large projects and I have demonstrated that I can handle more than one project at a time. This ability includes both the hard and soft skills required to do the job.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • The capability with equal facility to operate independently as an individual contributor or as a member or leader of a team.
  • Very strong customer focus. I make it a point to understand the business of the client and have the confidence of every client I have worked with.
  • Ability to work under a high degree of pressure.
  • Very well developed analysis, design, programming and problem solving skills in a variety of different technologies (expert knowledge in Ruby on Rails, PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripting, C, Pro*C, COBOL, Oracle and mySQL).
Bachelor of Business - Computing (with distinction)
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane Queensland Australia
Other Courses:
  • MCAD .NET (Microsoft Certified Application Developer for .NET) - course completed - exams not yet taken
  • Fast Start in Project Management
  • Lead Your Life
  • MQ Series Application Programming
  • Programming with Visual Basic Professional
Skills Summary:
Technology Last Used Number of Years Proficiency
Microsoft Office 2016 January 17 Expert
Microsoft Project 2016 January 17 Expert
Microsoft Visio 2016 January 11 Advanced
Oracle 7.3/8i/9i/10g 2016 January 15.5 Expert
PL/SQL 2016 January 15.5 Expert
TOAD 2016 January 15.5 Expert
SQL Navigator 2006 March 8.5 Expert
SQL 2016 January 22 Expert
MQ Series 2016 January 15.5 Expert
Ruby on Rails 2016 January 7.5 Expert
JSON 2016 January 3 Advanced
jQuery 2016 January 3 Advanced
MySQL 2016 January 9 Expert
Rubymine 2016 January 3 Expert
UNIX 2016 January 15.5 Expert
UNIX Shell Scripting 2016 January 15.5 Expert
C 2016 January 15.5 Expert
Pro*C 2016 January 15.5 Expert
PVCS 2016 January 15.5 Expert
Subversion 2016 January 9 Advanced
Ubuntu 2016 January 5.5 Advanced
Oracle Reports 2006 March 1 Advanced
ASP.NET 2011 January 3.5 Intermediate
C#.NET 2011 January 3.5 Intermediate
ADO.NET 2011 January 3.5 Intermediate
VB.NET 2011 January 3 Intermediate
XML 2016 January 7.5 Advanced
SQL Server 2005 August 1 Intermediate
SSRS 2011 January 3 Advanced
COBOL 2010 January 19 Expert
DB2 2010 January 19 Expert
CICS 2010 January 19 Advanced
IMS 2010 January 19 Expert
TSO 2010 January 19 Advanced
Control-M 2004 July 7.5 Intermediate
Employment History:
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)

CP operates a North American transcontinental railway providing freight transportation services, logistics solutions and supply chain expertise. Incorporating best-in-class technology and environmental practices, CP is re-defining itself as a modern 21st century transportation company built on safety, service reliability and operational efficiency.

Start Date: December 2010
End Date: Present
Title: Project Manager (contract) - Scheduled Railway – VISTA

The VISTA application generates blocking instructions (ABC) and trip plans (Pathfinder), which in turn provides CP with Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs) and Estimated Time of Interchanges (ETIs) for rail equipment. The Scheduled Railway – VISTA project’s vision is to develop and implement changes within the VISTA application to support increased accuracy and business confidence in the ETAs and ETIs. VISTA is an on-line and batch system, written in CICS COBOL II and accesses DB2 and MQ Series.

  • Between late 2010 and 2012, implemented three large releases in production, all delivered on time and within budget. Annual budget is $2.1M.
  • Greatly increased trip plan coverage and accuracy, delivering benefits 18 months ahead of schedule.
  • Managed a team of fourteen: three business subject matter experts, two business analysts, one test coordinator and eight developers.
  • Received a Gold Traction Award as a token of Safety, Environmental and Regulatory Affair’s appreciation.
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Start Date: December 2009
End Date: February 2011
Title: Project Manager (contract) – Toxic Inhilation Hazardous (TIH) Operations

The TIH Operations project was required to meet regulatory compliance, related to multiple rule makings issued in 2008 and 2009, to enhance hazardous material transportation safety and security. This work automated and enhanced existing processes, and created a more robust, consistent and scalable reporting mechanism for hazardous shipments. It also positioned the reporting environment to create additional reports as needed in the future, building on the foundation developed by this project.

  • Prior to being assigned to the project as project manager and lead technical analyst, the project had gone through multiple project managers and was at serious risk for significant cost overruns and not meeting requirements or time-lines.
  • Focused the IT sub teams and their work to finally deliver products that the business could use.
  • Provided technical and subject matter expertise that improved the final quality of the products that were delivered.
  • Successful in getting the budget and time-lines back on track.
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Start Date: December 2009
End Date: December 2010
Title: Project Manager (contract) – Toxic Inhilation Hazardous (TIH) Product Design

The primary objective of this project was to meet the regulatory requirements related to “Enhancing Rail Transportation Safety and Security for Hazmat Shipments” (PHSMA-RSPA-2004-18730). In order to complete annual route assessments as legislated, a major enhancement was required to develop a new Hazmat Module for MultiRail Enterprise Edition (MREE).

  • Brought onto the project to ensure deliverables and targeted time-lines were met (when I was assigned to the project, it was six months behind schedule and over-budget).
  • To fast track the build phase, introduced an iterative approach to the project team, which contributed immensely to ensuring the requirements were well understood and the business' expectations were met.
  • Ensured scope, budget and time-lines were met by adding more rigor to the development life cycle.
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Start Date: March 2006
End Date: November 2009
Title: Project Manager (contract) – Equipment Management Information System (EMIS)

The Equipment Management Information System (EMIS) Project was a rail industry initiative that began in 2003 to replace the UMLER equipment master file with a new data structure as well as a new communication infrastructure for real-time data updates. The project was broken into three phases and spanned multiple years. EMIS is an on-line and batch system, written in ASP.NET, C#.NET, C/Pro*C, PL/SQL and UNIX shell scripts, accessing Oracle and MQ Series.

  • Brought onto the project as project manager and lead technical analyst to get a very troubled project back on track (e.g. Non-scalable solution, over-budget and a very displeased business client).
  • Audited the EMIS Phase 1 solution and with IT and business approval, as well as the support of a strong technical team, re-developed both the front-end and back-end solution in 4 months (including PROD implementation).
  • Developed and implemented EMIS Phase 2 on time and within budget.
  • Developed and implemented EMIS Phase 3 a full one year ahead of the other participating Class 1 railways and under budget.
  • Received a Certificate of Excellence for exceptional performance and exemplary contribution to EMIS Phase 3 Delivery.
Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC)

QIC is a leading institutional funds manager with over $50 billion in funds under management for a range of public and private sector clients, including major superannuation funds.

Start Date: July 2005
End Date: March 2006
Title: Senior Analyst Programmer (contract)

The PACE Exploitation/PDW Decommissioning project was responsible for moving users' day to day processes from the legacy database to the new Oracle 9i database. The OSCAR Analyst Reports project was responsible for getting OSCAR (SQL Server) and PACE data (Oracle) into excel templates to allow analysts to write company reports.

  • Developed Oracle reports, JSP pages and Java XML web services.
  • Utilized PocketSOAP, VB, VB Forms, VBA and Java Beans to allow Excel spreadsheets to interface with web services.
Brisbane City Council (BCC)
Start Date: October 2004
End Date: July 2005
Title: Senior Analyst Programmer (contract) - Revenue Information Management System (RIMS) Technical Support Team

RIMS is a rates and utility charges, levying and general receipting system, allowing Council to manage the rating process and receipting of all monies due to its business units. It is written in Centura, Java, PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripts and accesses Oracle 9i.

  • Proven ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Primary middle layer (PL/SQL) developer for multiple projects.
  • Assisted others in tuning PL/SQL code for performance.
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Start Date: November 2002
End Date: July 2004
Title: Project Manager (contract) – Equipment Movement Events/Corporate Shipment Database (EME/CSD)

EME/CSD is responsible for populating Oracle subject area databases with equipment movement events and shipment information. It is a high volume on-line and batch system, written in ASP.NET, VB .NET, C/Pro*C, PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripts and COBOL II, accessing Oracle, MQ Series, IMS and DB2.

  • EME Corrections, a 2003 project with a $1.5 million dollar budget, was completed on time and $260,000 under budget.
  • Managing multiple projects. Typically, managing 5 to 10 projects simultaneously, ranging in budgets between $10,000 and $300,000.
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Start Date: March 2004
End Date: July 2004
Title: Project Manager (contract) – Train Subject Area Database/Common Track Network (TSD/CTN)

TSD/CTN is responsible for populating Oracle subject area databases with train events, train schedules, train plans and track information. TSD/CTN is an on-line and batch system, written in C/Pro*C, PL/SQL, COM and UNIX shell scripts, accessing Oracle and MQ Series.

  • Managed multiple projects. Typically, managing 5 to 8 projects simultaneously, ranging in budgets between $20,000 and $550,000. I managed both the TSD/CTN and EME/CSD teams at the same time.
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Start Date: June 1997
End Date: November 2002
Title: Team Leader/Lead Analyst/Senior Analyst/Programmer (contract) – Equipment Movement Events/Corporate Shipment Database (EME/CSD)
  • Mentored team members in programming techniques, SQL query optimization and understanding business processes.
  • Developed in C, Pro*C, PL/SQL, UNIX shell scripts, Oracle, MQ Series and COBOL DB2/IMS.
Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR)
Start Date: December 1996
End Date: June 1997
Title: Systems Specialist - Temporary Position
  • Developed and supported the Shipment Management System (SMS), which maintains shipment trip plans (local and interline) for all CP rail and intermodal equipment. SMS is an on-line and batch system, written in COBOL II and accesses MQ Series, IMS and DB2.
TELUS Communications

TELUS Communications is one of Canada’s leading providers of data, Internet Protocol (IP), voice and wireless communications services.

Start Date: June 1994
End Date: December 1996
Title: Programmer Analyst - Specialist 2
  • Supported the Facilities Management System (FMS), which maintains TELUS' facilities for Alberta. FMS is an on-line and batch system, written in OS/VS COBOL and COBOL II, accessing IMS and DB2.
Human Resource Systems Branch (HRSB) - D.E.V.E.T.I.R.

HRSB is responsible for maintaining the payroll and personnel systems for all Queensland government employees.

Start Date: December 1992
End Date: March 1994
Title: Computer Systems Officer (P02)
  • Re-developed the Q Super Superannuation weekly batch process. The original process was unreliable and required 20 to 30 hours per week of manual intervention to reconcile. The new batch process consistently balanced and required no manual intervention.
  • Developed a suite of CSP applications to improve Human Resource Management System (HRMS) usability and enhance performance.
Centre for Information Technology and Communications (CITEC)

CITEC is the primary technology service provider for the Queensland Government delivering both whole-of-government and agency specific ICT services. CITEC's range of ICT services include: data centre services, infrastructure services, network services, solutions integration services and information brokerage services.

Start Date: January 1991
End Date: December 1992
Title: Casual Computer Systems Officer/Co-operative Education Employee
  • Responsible for the maintenance of RACF Forms Automation System (RFAS), which is an on-line CSP menu based system for control of RACF security at CITEC.
  • The RFAS/RACF Discrepancy System, my third year project, was undertaken at CITEC. Written in COBOL, it is responsible for maintaining integrity between the RFAS database and the RACF database.
Various Positions
Start Date: September 1979
End Date: December 1990
Title: Various Positions
  • General clerk for Canada Safeway, perishables manager for Woolworths Australia, Stand Chief for Mister Minit Australia, construction laborer and cleaner. Details available on request.
  • Weight lifting, walking, jujitsu and spending time with family.
  • Ruby on Rails (with MySQL) development.

Resume - Bradley James Tyler

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